RYKER, a century-old Bloodborne vampire, has it all: pureblood, a successful business, a subterranean lair… a thick cock. But, something’s missing. When a prophetic orb reveals a captivating female with mismatched eyes, he must have her. He searches for fourteen months, fearing she’s a dream conjured by his desire.

AMARA, a half-blooded vampire princess born of a shifter concubine, has mismatched eyes—an oddity among Bloodborne society. Despite her aristocratic blood, no one pampers or adores her. She’s exiled to live among humans and now works as a barista, not the best job for someone coping with the insatiable hunger of a hybrid.

After another fruitless night of searching for his dream girl, Ryker ends up at a café, even though the last thing his brooding ass needs is a caffeine high. When a waitress with mismatched eyes takes his order, Ryker’s dream becomes a reality. He can barely conceal his delight to discover all the ways to stroke her, to learn which will make her slash his hand, and which will make her purr.

No male has ever stalked Amara with his eyes like Ryker—his unashamed hunger is as unnerving as it is intriguing. And when he asks her out to dinner, she can’t decide whether she wants to eat with him or eat him.

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