Ryker is a Bloodborne vampire, one who never liked traditional roles. He forged a path of his own and soon found that it was a lonely one. A century of trying to cope with this emptiness led to burying himself in his work but, even that couldn’t stop his loneliness from transforming into full-blown aggression.

When a captivating female with mismatched eyes starts appearing in Ryker’s dreams, offering him a glimpse into that connection he desperately longs for, he will stop at nothing to find her.

Amara’s childhood was spent locked away by her father because of being born a defect, part vampire and part shifter. With help from her half-brother, she was finally given her freedom, but not before her father stripped her of their lineage. Now a rogue, with no protection, she finds that the outside world is not all she hoped it would be. She never thought that freedom could feel so much like her childhood, lonely. When her voracious appetite becomes too much for her to handle, she worries she may hurt the only one who has ever cared about her, so she decides that relinquishing control to her animal before something irreversible happens is the best thing to do.

Will Ryker find the female of his dreams before she vanishes into the wild or will they exist apart for eternity?

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