Lee A. Night writes steamy paranormal romance that lifts the skirt into fetish territory. Her stories feature vampires, shifters (not restricted to werewolves), hybrids, witches, elementals, demons, nymphs, and, of course, humans. Each novel is a teasing brew of tender passion, blood, and humor. Lee’s dynamic heroines push the buttons of their domineering heroes until they crack like the fragile eggs they are at heart.

Lee is a lifelong lover of fantasy, horror, and romance. Growing up, she constantly rewrote films in her head while watching them, which inspired her to create worlds beyond the television screen where each blank page is a portal to a unique adventure, the infinite possibilities a keystroke away.

When not writing, Lee enjoys crocheting, gaming, binge-watching movies, drinking coffee, and cheap dessert wine (not at the same time). Thrifting is her Olympic sport. She lives in Wisconsin with her fated mate, three darling children, and four spoiled cats.

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