Lee A. Night


Grave Embrace: A Nightborne Paranormal Romance

A hidden society of otherworldlies lives within the human world. Some coexist peacefully, while others prey upon the weak, tearing into the throats of the honest. Who’s innocent anyway? No one. Who’s safe? No one. Take a stroll through Midtown Atlanta, where the heartless and hungry decide who lives, and who dies. But don’t doddle because the shadows are fanged and the endings are bloody, cold, and delicious …

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Future Project:

Nowhere to Run: A Darkness Awakened Urban Fantasy

Where do you run when it’s in your head?

Upcoming Projects (in order):

A Nightborne Romance Short Story

The second installment in the Nightborne Romance series

Trapped in the Dark: A Short Ghost Adventure

Nowhere to Run: A Darkness Awakened Urban Fantasy

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